A coroner has issued a heartbreaking warning after a four-year-old girl was crushed to death after a marble fireplace fell on her. Little Jessica Azadi was killed in the tragic accident at her home in Thornaby, North Yorkshire, when a heavy marble fireplace fell on her head.  An air ambulance was sent to the youngster’s home last September and she was rushed to hospital, but paramedics were unable to save her.

At an inquest senior coroner Clare Bailey recorded a verdict of accidental death, describing it as a “tragic accident” and saying that her mum Natasha Azadi, who had taken every possible precaution to ensure the heavy item was safe and wedged between two fence posts.  Natasha performed CPR on her daughter until an air ambulance arrived, but she was pronounced dead shortly after arrival.

Her devastated parents, Natasha and Ben Azadi, said they were “eternally grateful” for having their daughter in their lives and described her as “one of the most precious gifts anyone could be given,” and the coroner said she would issue a circular to other coroners, alerting them to the details of the case and about storage of heavy items “in the hope of avoiding a similar accident in the future”.