Heartbroken Wife Died Of Overdose After Husband’s Lover Sent Her Naked Photos

A heartbroken woman died of an overdose after her husband’s lover reportedly sent her naked photos of the couple together, an inquest heard. Sarah-Jane Cunningham, 38, was left devastated by the affair and confided in her friend Teresa Church in a phone call the evening before she died at home on July 23 last year. Ms Church said in a statement read to the hearing: ‘She knew he was having an affair.’

A mental health worker said Mrs Cunningham’s death was a ‘cry for help’ following three bereavements, including her father in 2008. Mrs Cunningham, who suffered from ‘severe anxiety’ was admitted to hospital following overdoses in October 2015 and 2016.

Her sister, Kim Dodd, 37, said Mrs Cunningham had ‘destructive’ relationships with her husband Stuart and alcohol. She said: ‘She was addicted to her husband. They brought out the worst in each other but she would not leave him because she could not cope without him.’ Norfolk area coroner Yvonne Blake recorded a conclusion that Mrs Cunningham’s death was due to drug and alcohol abuse.

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