“Heartbroken” Niece Reveals Death Of TV Legend

Grotbags actress Carol Lee Scot has sadly died aged 74. Her niece Gina Mear announced the tragic news she lost her aunt yesterday. She shared a picture of Carol as Grotbags, as well as a recent family snap of her. And she wrote: “My dear aunty Carol passed away yesterday, RIP Grotbags, I will miss you.”

Among those remembering the performer was comedian Rufus Hound, who said she was “an icon for folk of my generation”. Many warmly remembered Scott’s Grotbags character, with one fan tweeting: “Rest in peace ¬£grotbags, another part of my childhood heaven bound”.

Grotbags first appeared in Emu’s World in January 1982, and starred alongside various companions including cowardly crocodile Croc, mechanical butler Robot Redford, and fawning manservant Grovel, and would often sing. In 1991, she was the voice of Grotbags in the cartoon series Rod ‘n’ Emu, and she was also given her own spin off series of Grotbags – which ran for 29 episodes across three series.

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