Heartbroken Katie Price Reveals Reason She Is Divorcing Third Husband Kieran Hayler

Katie Price has revealed she is divorcing husband Kieran Hayler after he admitted a year-long affair with their children’s nanny. Katie, 39, who forgave Kieran for bedding her two best friends in 2014, caught him out again after finding intimate emails he sent Nikki Brown.

She said: “I was gutted. For a year I was basically paying her to f*** my husband. Heartbroken Katie discovered cheating husband Kieran Hayler had sex with their nanny all over the house — even romping in their children’s bathroom. Katie said she sobbed and screamed “like a lunatic” as Kieran confessed.

She said: “Kieran told me they were f***ing all over my house for a year. They had sex everywhere except in our bedroom, they even did it in the kids’ bathroom. When I confronted him he denied it at first, even when I said she’d admitted it. I was crying, asking, ‘How could you do this to me again?’ My mum and his mum were both there, telling me to calm down. But when I begged him to tell the truth he finally said, ‘Yeah, we have’.”

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