Heartbreaking Photo Of Premature Baby Released By Grieving Parents

Tiny Adelaide’s parents say: “she’s not a foetus, she’s a fully-formed human being” in a bid to change the abortion limit.

Little Adelaide Caines was born at 24 weeks’ gestation, the upper limit for abortion, but was able to cry as she she was delivered and waved her arms.

Sadly she died later that day as doctors were unable to insert a breathing tubes into her lungs to help her breathe. It was not the first heartbreak for 25 year-old Emily Caines from Yeovil, as she had previously had a premature baby who died at 23 weeks’ gestation during labour in September 2011.

Baby Adelaide was able to cry and wave her fists

Baby Adelaide was able to cry and wave her fists

Adelaide’s parents, Emily and Alastair Caines, took the decision to release the only photo they have of their daughter taken while she was alive in a bid to stir up discussion about the abortion time limit.

Happily, Emily and Alastair are expecting again; this time they hope a cervical stitch will prevent early labour and allow their son to go to term and be born as estimated in January next year.

“I hope sharing our story gives hope to others and helps other parents who have suffered a loss. Our daughter may not have lived long but she was still our daughter and we love to talk about her and celebrate her life. Sadly in this day and age some people still find that offensive or uncomfortable. Adelaide lived for more than an hour and will always be very much part of our lives. One of the hardest thing has been feeling I shouldn’t talk about our baby because she is no longer here.

“I think there is still a big taboo around premature baby loss because people don’t understand it. It’s easier to brush the issue under the carpet by using the term late miscarriage. But that doesn’t acknowledge the fact that a mother has been through labour, delivery and seen and held their baby. I hope this beautiful picture of my daughter being born helps change people’s perspectives.”

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