Heartbreak As Boy, Six, Dies After Repeatedly Being Sent Home With Calpol

A six-year-old boy died of Sepsis after doctors repeatedly sent him home with Calpol, an inquest heard. Connor Horridge, from Wigan, Greater Manchester, began complaining of an ear ache and sickness so his parents gave him medication and fluids, believing it was an infection that would eventually pass.

Five days later he was rushed to the doctor’s surgery after his symptoms worsened but the family were told it was ‘nothing to be majorly concerned about’ and it would ‘probably’ be a viral infection. In less than 24 hours, Connor was taken to hospital as an emergency with a dangerously high temperature but was again discharged, advised to continue taking Calpol and told ‘he would get better’, Bolton Coroner’s Court heard.

Four days passed and on December 18, Connor was taken to hospital again after collapsing and shouting ‘mummy, my legs’. Despite the best efforts of medical staff Connor passed away later that evening. The youngster’s parents, Joanne and Thomas Horridge, 34 and 38, believe that if the doctors examined Connor ‘properly’, there could have been an ‘entirely different’ outcome.

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