Harry Redknapp’s wife was badly injured yesterday when she was dragged along a road by his Range Rover in a freak accident.redSandra, 69, is said to have trapped her foot inside the motor as the former Premier League manager set off after dropping her at the shops. Witnesses described how she screamed with agony as she was pulled along by Harry’s car in the bizarre incident.

Her coat is thought to have become trapped in the door while her foot was still in the footwell of the four-by-four as it pulled away. Horrified onlookers in Bournemouth said Harry slammed on the brakes but that Sandra’s foot had been seriously injured.

“There was a lot of blood on the tarmac and Harry was beside himself,” said one. “I was in a shop and a couple of people came in and said, ‘Crikey, there’s a lady who’s been dragged along the road’,” another witness told The Sun.

Sandra is said to have had surgery last night and 69-year-old Harry was reportedly by her side as she recuperated.