Grandmother Of Terminal Ashya King Slams “Inhuman” and “Disgusting” Treatment

The pressure to reunite terminally-ill five year-old Ashya King with his parents is increasing as his grandmother, Gary Lineker and Deputy PM Nick Clegg have all said that keeping the child away from his mum and dad is not the right thing to do.

Patricia King, Ashya’s 77 year-old grandmother said it was “absolutely disgusting” that her five year-old grandson was in hospital without his parents who are being held in police custody: “It’s terrible taking him away from his parents and not letting him see them. His parents have begged and pleaded to see him and why they won’t let them I don’t know. It’s inhuman.”

Little Ashya King is said to only have months left to live

Little Ashya King is said to only have months left to live

And Ashya’s grandfather, 77 year-old Edward King agreed: “They only did what any parent would do in that situation. It is a form of torture keeping them away from Ashya.”

Ashya’s parents, Brett and Naghmeh, are being held in separate prisons while it is decided whether to charge them with child neglect.

Back in the UK a petition to reunite the little boy who is suffering from brain cancer with his parents is already at 76,000 signatures and growing all the time. Match of the Day star Gary Lineker has signed up, tweeting:

“Someone needs to explain why Ashya King’s parents are being detained? Seems they just want the best treatment for their child. I know what it’s like to have a child fighting for their life. You do anything you think is for the best.”

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has also said he believes it is “not appropriate” to “throw the full force of the law” at Brett and Naghmeh King: “My heart goes out and I’m sure every mum or dad will have the same response, which is, as far as I can make out, this is a family in a state of real anguish who have taken this exceptional step of moving their sick child to another country because they think that’s what is best for their child.

Ashya King's parents are being detained in different Spanish prisons

Ashya King’s parents are being detained in different Spanish prisons

“We can debate whether it is or is not but that seems to be their motive and those are not motives I can argue with. That’s why I personally think that throwing the full force of the law at Mr and Mrs King, who appear to be doing what they believe to be best for their own family, I don’t think is an appropriate thing to do. But that, at the end of the day, is for the police and the CPS and others to decide. But that’s my personal view and I do hope for that reason it’ll be resolved.”

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