Good Samaritan Who Heard Screams Stabbed And Robbed

A 20 year-old woman who heard screams and went to help ended up robbed and stabbed after a sick deception.

Robyn Hannaway was left unconscious, stabbed and robbed in the sick attack

Robyn Hannaway was left unconscious, stabbed and robbed in the sick attack

Robyn Hannaway was walking past the park near her home in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire, when she heard screams; however, when she ran to the aid of the screamer, it transpired to be a set-up and Robyn was subjected to a sickening attack.

Robyn said: “When I was walking past the park opposite the garage I heard a girl screaming, so I stopped to listen for a minute in case it was just a drunken argument I overheard. When I was sure there were no other voices except for one girl’s, who sounded like she was in pain and distress, I ran into the park to help.

“As I got further into the park, the girl went silent and within a few seconds I was completely knocked out by a man hitting me on the back of the head with something. By the time I woke up, my purse was taken and while I was unconscious, I was stabbed in the stomach and my face was slashed.”

Robyn needed hospital treatment for her wounds and admits that the experience has left her traumatised: “I can’t believe someone so close to home, where I’ve lived and felt safe all my life, has it in them to walk away and leave me lying there knowing there was a high chance they’d just killed me.

“It makes me feel sick with worry knowing that whoever’s responsible is still on the streets. I never want anyone to go through what me and my family have in the past few days.”

Robyn’s mother Angela said that after the attack last Sunday, her daughter is terrified: “She doesn’t want to talk to people and she is terrified to go outside. We went for a walk and she got into a panic attack when she saw someone walking with earphones in. She is distraught that those responsible have not been caught. I’m at my wits’ end with worry.”

A spokesman Strathclyde Police said “We can confirm that detectives at Cambuslang CID are conducting inquiries into a serious assault and theft in the Burnbank area of Hamilton.”

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