Girl, Eight, Rushed To Hospital After SPIDER Crawls Out Of Wound In Her Leg During A Bath

A little girl was rushed to hospital after a SPIDER crawled out of a bite in her leg while she was in the bath. Scarlett Hinchliffe, 8, suddenly became ill with flu-like symptoms after being bitten while out walking in the woods last Wednesday. Orange and yellow poison then started oozing out of a small hole in her leg after the skin covering it burst.

Incredibly, a small spider then burst out of her leg while she was having a bath at her nan’s house. Scarlett’s mum Jodi Hinchliffe, 36, rushed her to hospital where she was eventually diagnosed with a spider bite and given antibiotics. The hairdresser believes the spider may embedded in her daughter’s leg while she was playing on a tyre swing as they walked their dog in Sleaford, Lincs.

Jodi said: “I first noticed the lump behind the knee on Scarlett’s right leg when I put her in the bath on Thursday night. She became so poorly so fast and her breathing was unstable. She didn’t feel anything bite her. What should have been a lovely evening dog walk Wednesday has turned into a nightmare … She told me she felt something crawl out of her leg … it looked like a really small spider … she was so ill. If I had not taken her to the hospital that night and left her I am not sure if she would have still been here on Friday.”

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