Girl Dies After Being Dared To Drink BOILING Water By Her Cousin

A young girl has died after she was dared by her cousin to drink boiling water. Ki’ari Pope, aged eight, complained to her mother’s boyfriend of breathing problems but within minutes she was unresponsive.

She had burnt her mouth badly back in March after drinking the hot water through a straw. At the time, the sport-loving youngster, from Boynton Beach, Florida, was taken to hospital where she received a tracheotomy, an incision into her windpipe that had left deaf with chronic respiratory problems.

Records from the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) say Ki’ari was ‘medically compromised’. Ki’ari’s mum confirmed that the eight-year-old was involved in a dare with a cousin of the same age as her. She wrote that after the treatment for the burns, Ki’ari struggled to talk and was deaf, adding: “My eight-year-old daughter Ki’ari Pop gained her angel wings. Ki’ari was a beautiful girl inside and out. She loved sports, especially basketball.”

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