A 13-year-old schoolgirl has reportedly been raped on a beach during a family holiday in Tenerife.beachSpanish police are investigating the incident which allegedly took place in the Playa de las Americas resort in the early hours of last Thursday. She is reported to have been attacked after becoming separated from a family member during a walk.

Website ElDia.es report the girl, from Ireland, was attacked by “an individual of caucasian appearance”. Officers in Spain are looking for a European man but are worried that he may be a tourist and could flee, reports the Irish Mirror.

The man is believed to have befriended the young girl and brought her to a beach, which was close by, where the attack was allegedly carried out at around 2am. Spanish media report that the girl raised the alarm after the man left.

She is said to be just 13-years-old. Paramedics came to the scene from a nearby hospital; the young girl had an examination to collect evidence. Her attacker is described as white with a European appearance, who may be a tourist. A police spokesman said the investigation is open and no arrests have been made yet.