Giant Mutant Spider FOUR TIMES Its Usual Size Found Lurking Above Front Door

A MUTANT spider FOUR TIMES the usual size terrified a hardened farmer when he came face-to-face with the creature lurking above his front door. The man was clearing ivy from the side of his house when he suddenly spotted the gigantic arachnid lurking above the door frame.

In the chilling footage the man is seen calling his friend over to the house to show him the terrifying spider. His pal instantly recoils in shock at the sight and shouts: “Oh f*** he’s big. Wow.” The camera then pans out to reveal its true size – measuring a shocking 12 centimetres across.

The spider was found in Waingaro, New Zealand. The giant creature is believed to be a sheetweb spider which usually measure about three centimetres in length and are medium-sized in comparison to other types. But the arachnid in the video is at least four times bigger. Sheetwebs are renowned for their huge, piercing mandibles.

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