Germany is on a terror alert after as armed cops launched a frantic hunt to find a suspect preparing to launch an imminent bomb attack.1germanParts of the city of Chemnitz are on currently on lockdown as dozens of heavily-armed officers flood the region in search of a potential terrorist. Terrified residents posted images of officers clad in black helmets, balaclavas and body armour with their assault weapons raised and poised.

Dozens of officers swooped on a housing estate in the east German region this morning and immediately cordoned off an area while taking people from their homes and taking them to safety. A police spokeswoman has told German media the operation is in response to evidence of a ‘serious threat’.

He added: “Major road closers and evacuations are necessary. We have a static threat situation in the Fritz Heckert district and have deployed a large taskforce on the ground.” Officers circled a particular flat and then used explosives to blast their way in but found the property empty – sparking fears a potential terrorist was on the run.

Saxony Police tweeted: “We are currently carry a large-scale operation on suspicion of preparing a bomb attack. The explosion heard was an access measure of the police. A relevant person could not be found.”