Fury As Woman Hits And BITES Her Pet Dog In Front Of Horrified Passengers

Passengers were horrified when a woman repeatedly hits and BIT her pet dog on a train in front of them. A three-minute clip posted on YouTube shows the women abusing her dog before being confronted by angry passengers.
She was heard shouting “stop it now you hear me” at the frightened pet and when it tried to get away from her, the woman yanked its lead so hard that it yelped.

A fellow passenger on the Toronto train confronted her, saying: “You’ve got to stop hitting your dog.”  She angrily responded, snapping: “Who are you? What the f*** are you talking about?” Other subway riders were heard to chime in, with a woman off-camera saying, “You’re abusing that animal.” Another was heard saying: “She’s biting his tail. She’s hitting him.”

The person who recorded the video says that the woman was eventually escorted off the train, but it is unclear if she faced any legal action or prosecution for her behaviour.

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