Furious Father Throws Chair At Judge After “Absurdly Low” Sentence For Man Who Killed His Daughter VIDEO

A distraught father was so angry at the “absurdly low” sentence handed to the man who killed his two year-old that he threw a chair at the judge.

The father was escorted from the court

The father was escorted from the court

The little girl was killed instantly when a driver went off the road; he was doing 75mph in on a road where the speed limit was 50mph.

The two year-old’s grandparents – aged 64 and 67 – were also killed instantly in the tragic crash.

Despite an apparent lack of remorse shown by the motorist and the absence of any apology, the judge sentenced him to 120 hours of community service. The father of the little girl he killed could not believe his ears and flung a chair at the judge. He was escorted from the court in Limburg in the Netherlands by security guards.

The sentence given to the motorist has come in for widespread criticism on social media; “120 hours of social work for taking 3 lives including a 2 year old child. He had the awareness of driving too fast, he was aware of taking the risk,” wrote LZMieczu.

Another commenter said: “Taking the life of three people NEEDS punishment.”


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