Police officers launched a search for a four-year-old boy’s parents after he was found wandering in the street by himself. It didn’t appear the boy was properly dressed for the weather as he was wearing shorts, a shirt, a Paw Patrol jacket and odd wellington boots – one had a Postman Pat design and the other was brown with orange dinosaurs.

A woman alerted police after finding the boy alone at 8.30am. in Henderson Street in Smallbridge, Greater Manchester. Officers attended and took the boy into their care at Rochdale police station as they attempted to find out where his parents or guardians lived.

After the boy was found police made a public appeal with a description of his appearance and clothing that they hoped would reach the parents. They said the boy was wearing a blue shirt, brown shorts and a red Paw Patrol jacket and odd wellington boots. Police said he was being looked after by officers in the station and has been given some toast to eat, but did not say how the boy got outside or how long he had been out on his own.