Flipping Cheek! Thief In Penguin Onesie Hunted By Police

Police are searching for a thief who went into a Sainbury’s Local in County Durham and strolled out with 10 cans of Stella Artois that he did not pay for.

Does Durham need a Bat Signal?

Does Durham need a Bat Signal?

The police description (brace yourselves) says they are looking for a white male, aged in his 20s, wearing a black and white penguin all-in-one suit, complete with a yellow beak. The police did not elaborate on whether they had enlisted the help of Batman in the search for The Penguin.

The value of goods stole is approximately £8.

A spokesman for Durham Police said: “He would be quite conspicuous and made off on foot so may have come to the attention of someone in the area.”

Any beady-eyed people who smell anything fishy are urged to contact the Durham Police on 101.

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