Fed Up Pensioner Silences Noisy Yobs – With A Live Hand Grenade

5 members of a teenage gang were injured when a grumpy pensioner got so fed up that he decided to take matters into his own hands.

A gang of yobs was in for a nasty surprise...

A gang of yobs was in for a nasty surprise…

Radik Sahov was so annoyed at the gang of yobs whose noise under his apartment balcony robbed him of sleep night after night, that he decided on an unusual deterrent.

First Mr Sahov politely asked them to keep the noise down, trying to reason with the selfish oiks. When that didn’t work, he warned them that there would be consequences for the noise, but all they did was laugh at him.

Incensed by the noise and furious at the constant mocking, Mr Sahov, who is from the city of Orenburg in South-Eastern Russia’s Orenburg Oblast region, grew so cross that he snapped and tried the one recourse he had left – he threw a live hand grenade off his balcony into the middle of the gang. Five of the gang of yobs sustained serious injuries in the explosion.

A Soviet-era hand grenade

A Soviet-era hand grenade

A spokesman for the Orenburg police, Dmitry Kozlov said that Sahov had told police that he had tried persuading and warning the gang to keep the noise down: “He claimed they had just laughed at him and he lost his temper. He came back with an old but still effective Soviet era hand grenade which he threw at them. “The explosion injured five of the group seriously but their lives are not in danger.”

According to official, Sahov has argued that he had be trying to scare the gang with the grenade, but once he had thrown it off the balcony, they had moved towards it in order to investigate it and that was when it exploded.

Sahov is now facing charges relating to explosives and attempted murder.

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