1gazzaFears are growing for football legend Paul Gascoigne after a second dinner event with the star was cancelled, just weeks after a previous no-show by the troubled star.

Former Tottenham Hotspur, Middlesbrough, Newcastle and England player, nicknamed Gazza, had been due to appear tonight (Sunday) at Hartlepool Borough Hall. But organisers of the event said they cancelled the dinner due to concerns for Mr Gascoigne, according to Gazette Live .

In a message on his Facebook page, promoter Nathan Greathead said: “Gazza has received some bad news and I’ve spoken to him for an hour on the phone, he is very upset. [Organisers] NSG Promotions will be supporting Gazza during this bad time. Anyone who bought tickets will get a full refund or exchange them for a future event. NSG would rather support Gazza at this hard time rather than make money off him”

Tickets started at £35 for the evening during which the icon was due to talk about his career. The latest cancellation comes just weeks after Mr Gascoigne failed to turn up for a event in Middlesbrough. Organiser Tony Robinson said he was left out of pocket and taking legal advice after Gazza failed to turn up leaving scores of fans who paid £65 for tickets disappointed.