Buckle up and prepare for a wild ride as at least one Emmerdale regular meets an explosive end in spectacular scenes…1emmEmmerdale has been preparing some of the most ambitious stunts in the show’s 40 year-plus history. “These episodes are genuinely extraordinary,” enthuses actor Jonathan Wrather, who plays Pierce Harris. “It was so amazing to step onto the set and see several degrees of carnage Many characters are thrown together in this one cataclysmic event and any one of the regulars could die.”

At the start of the week, we’ll see a group of mourners from the village at a rain-soaked funeral. But who’s in the coffin? The action rewinds and each episode from Monday to Thursday will follow the same 24 hours leading up to the tragic death from a different perspective.

On Monday, Robert prepares to propose to Aaron, but Lachlan threatens to pretend Robert has sexually abused him. The lovers chase the youngster to the edge of a cliff, with a fatal drop below. Tuesday’s episode sees the bizarre love triangle between Pierce, Rhona and Paddy result in a dangerous car chase down misty country lanes.

Wednesday features captive James desperately trying to escape the clutches of his deranged wife, Emma. Then, in a Thursday night double-bill, Ashley’s dementia storyline takes another heartbreaking turn, before the fate of all the central characters crash together in devastating fashion. Finally, on Friday, emergency services rush to the scene and battle to keep three of the villagers alive. But they’re not all going to make it…