Kerry Katona has admitted she tried to help her mum take her own life.1kerrryThe dramatic confession is set to air on TV next week as the former Atomic Kitten star , 36, takes part in a Channel 5 show which sees famous faces undergo counselling. The channel’s ‘In Therapy,’ which returns on November 3, sees well-known personalities confront their issues with the help of a professional counsellor.

In scenes to air on Thursday, Kerry makes the shocking confession that she once helped her mum in a suicide bid – which thankfully failed. Bursting into tears, she admits: “I got all her medicines out and I said ‘go on, take them, you’re selfish.

“I made her take all the pills, then I rang for an ambulance and told her I’d pick her up after school.” Although Kerry’s mum Sue wasn’t hurt in her suicide attempt, it has clearly left its mark on the Warrington -born singer – who rose to fame alongside Natasha Hamilton and Liz McClarnon.

As well as her fears for her mother, Kerry also worried that depression could affect her in later life – prompting her to tattoo her children’s names onto her wrists so that she’d never kill herself. “If it’s hereditary I’d have to be one selfish person to cut through my kids’ names, so that’s why they’re there,” she added.