Fans Left Reeling By EastEnders Baby Twist

EastEnders dropped a huge twist in the ongoing Steven Beale storyline tonight (September 1) as it was revealed that his secret lover Abi Branning is pregnant. Abi’s big baby discovery came amid a new crisis for Steven, who has been thrown into a dilemma now Jane knews every single detail about the deplorable lies he’s been telling his family.

Steven was already in a pickle after Jane stumbled across his secret second phone and animal medication, but nearly managed to talk his way out of trouble with yet another fib. Steven told Jane that research into his ‘condition’ had shown that the vet pills could ease the pain of his headaches, but was caught out once and for all when Jane heard him chatting to Abi through the baby monitor.

Donna tweeted: “OMG Abi’s up the duff just as Steven leaving!please let Jay get involved like he did with Lola,#eastenders” while Matt added: “I didn’t expect Abi to get pregnant. That’s one way to trap Steven forever #Eastenders”. Francesca weighed in with: “Hope Steven tells the truth! I don’t trust Abi, watch your back Jane! #EastEnders” and Jen certainly wasn’t happy, tweeting: “Praying eastenders kill off steven and abi 🙏🏻 #eastenders”.

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