Family Of Rape Victim, 13, Ask Court For Abortion After Discovering “Obese” Daughter Is Pregnant

The parents of a 13-year-old rape victim who discovered she was pregnant after taking her to a doctor for obesity treatment are seeking permission to abort her baby. The family’s case from Mumbai, India, has reached the Supreme Court.

Indian law only allows terminations after 20 weeks if there is risk to the mother’s life, and the girl is 30 weeks pregnant. The girl reportedly alleged she was raped by someone who works with her dad. Not suspecting she was pregnant, the parents took their daughter to a Mumbai-based gynaecologist.

Dr Nikhil Datar told the BBC said they feared she had a thyroid problem or other medical condition because she was gaining weight. But when a scan revealed she was 27 weeks pregnant, the police were informed. The doctor recommended a termination as her pelvis is not developed enough to carry a baby to full term, saying the health risks would become more dangerous the longer this goes on.

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