Facebook is going to delete your synced photos in a few weeks’ time unless you install another of its apps.FacebookNow if that sentence puzzled you, you’re not alone. Many users have no idea that the synced photos album even exists, or that Facebook may have had access to their private photos since 2012.

Back then, the ‘synced’ or ‘synced from phone’ section of Facebook photos was launched, but most users did not know that this gave the app access to their private albums.  The update allowed Facebook users to sync automatically all the photos taken on their iPhone with their social profile, reports TechCrunch.

The company now wants users to download the Moments app, which was launched last year. This makes the ‘synced photos’ feature in the existing app unnecessary.  Facebook wants users to transfer or download these photos to your desktop before the next update, which takes place in the first week of July.