A teen’s passionate rant about the ‘unfair’ new GCSE grading system has been shared thousands of times by sympathetic parents, teachers and students after she revealed her fellow students are ‘breaking down in class’ and ‘crying in the toilets’.

Emma Jameson will be taking her exams in a few weeks and is incredibly concerned about the new 9-1 system, replacing the old A*-U letter grades for some subjects and Emma believes this change is severely affecting the mental health of teenagers. She explained the difference in English and Maths exams, saying she has to memorise two books, a play and 15 poems – as well as countless formulae.

“At school, we are not taught about our subject or inspired to learn, we are informed of what examiners want to hear. It is a test of memory if nothing else … It’s not uncommon to see us roaming corridors with faded looks in our eyes or crying in the toilets and I’ve kind of got used to people breaking down in the middle of a lesson. Looking around a classroom 3 weeks away from exams, I see a group of kids slumped over desks with books closed and minds shut off to the work as well. We’re all exhausted”