Police searching for missing toddler Ben Needham say they have found some items of interest.1benThe 21-month-old little boy vanished on the holiday island of Kos 25 years ago from an arid stretch of farmland where his grandfather was doing up a property.

A 19-strong team of Yorkshire Police officers, forensic specialists and an archaeologist are investigating the site and digger teams started work on Monday afternoon to break up the clay-like ground.

It was the first day of a fresh excavation at the site following new evidence that the Sheffield toddler may have been killed and buried there. Detective Inspector Jon Cousins said the team, together with local search and rescue volunteers, had made good progress and discovered “odd pieces of fabric.”

Speaking about the items of fabric discovered, he said: “Everything is being carefully looked at. We want to make sure: do they or do they not relate to any of the items Ben was wearing on that day?”