Harriet Finch’s life has been left on the line in dramatic Emmerdale scenes which have seen the popular vicar stabbed and left to die by drug dealers – so is this the end for her and how will Ross and Finn Barton feel over what their dabbling with drug dealing has led to?

When the dealers suspected Harriet’s act as a vicar might have been a cover and that she was working for Ross to transport the stolen drugs, there was a struggle and Harriet was stabbed. Finn called an ambulance the dealers fled.

Viewers took to Twitter. Samantha tweeted: “@emmerdale well I wasn’t expecting that! I kept saying to my husband “he’s stabbed her. He’s stabbed her” 😱😱” while Amy added: “Well I didn’t expect Harriet to be the one who got stabbed! Can’t say I’ll cry any tears if she dies though. #Emmerdale”.