Ever since Emmerdale’s boss Iain MacLeod teased two shock spring and summer affairs that would leave our jaws on the floor, everyone has been trying to figure out the identities of the unlikely pairings. And now it seems like the clues are fitting together to suggest a Jai Sharma and Moira Dingle liaison could be on the cards.

With it already having been teased that both Moira and Jai will have storylines over coming months, their paths cross again as Jai feels lonely and sad over Holly and fans suspect shared grief over their loss lead to more.

In despair, Jai pays a visit to Holly’s grave, where he sees Moira. As they have a heart to heart over Holly, Jai opens up about the extent of his problems – but might there be a closeness developing that could lead to one of the publicised affairs? Whatever the outcome, Jai soon takes the risky action of speaking to a journalist about Holly’s battle with drugs – but how will Moira feel about this?