Emmerdale Set To Surprise Fans With Shock Lesbian Romp

Emmerdale’s Emma Atkins has hinted her character Charity Dingle could have a lesbian tryst with her love rival Megan Macey. If it comes to fruition, the saucy soap scenes would come nearly a decade after Charity’s affair with Zoe Tate.

Charity and Megan are embroiled in a feud at the moment after the revelation that she had a one night stand with Frank Clayton. Megan (Gaynor Faye) was left seething by the betrayal and poured a can of red paint over Charity in revenge. But now the ladies could team up against love rat Frank, played by Michael Praed but could it lead to a romance between them?

Emma said: “We’ve been given some dialogue today where we have said, ‘Where is this going?’ I’m not afraid of it going in that direction; I do believe you can fall in love with a person no matter what their gender … Us coming together in some shape or form is interesting because there’s so much we don’t like about one another. And yet we have come together because we’re practically family. We have been through a lot.”

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