1twerlFans of Emmerdale flocked to Twitter to share their amusement as Kerry Wyatt twerked along to a Rihanna song on Thursday night episode. The character – played by Laura Norton – almost put her factory job at risk as she twerked up a storm in front of a potential new client for the Sharmas.

Kerry had been caught drinking on the job and was playfully twerking in front of her co-worker when her boss walked in with a suited and booted businessman. Jai immediately stressed: “This isn’t what it looks like.” To which the businessman replied: “It looks like twerking, and she’s pretty good at it.”

Emmerdale Fans immediately shared their thoughts on the scene as one wrote: “Kerry twerking to Work by Rihanna I can’t deal.” Another added: “Oh God every 1 stop twerking now please it’s dun!”

One viewer joked: “Next time a business representative is in my office, I’ll twerk and see how it goes.” Another viewer was not so impressed as they wrote: “NO HUN NO #EMMERDALE DID NOT JUST.”