Emmerdale Fears As FOUR Characters Quit Popular Soap

It’s all go at Emmerdale – there are reports that FOUR stars are quitting the show.

Jonathan Wrather – Pierce, John McArdle – Ronnie, Louise Marwood – Chrissie, and Thomas Atkinson – Lachlan, are all said to be leaving. A huge loss? Well, right off the bat, we’ll say with some confidence few people will miss stuck-up Chrissie and her awkward offspring – neither are likeable, or offer enough by way of top soap villains to justify sticking around.

And Ronnie is just furniture, but Pierce? That’s another matter. Jonathan Wrather has played a blinder as the devilishly handsome but misogynist rapist. But this is soap, where justice eventually always prevails.   A source told The Sun: “The cast of Emmerdale are starting to feel concerned for the show’s future as one by one all of the regulars are leaving. There’s a real feeling of worry over the direction Emmerdale is taking and a lot of the blame is being put on the exec producer Iain Macleod.”

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