There wasn’t a dry eye across the country tonight as Emmerdale fans paid a final farewell to beloved character Ashley Thomas after 21 years, as the end of one of TV’s most moving ever storylines aired, showing the death of the much loved former vicar.

Ashley’s battle with dementia reached an emotional end and viewers took to social media to praise Emmerdale’s handling of the scenes and the storyline as a whole. Jean Kelly tweeted: “Heartbreaking scenes in tonight’s #Emmerdale but incredible Acting from Everyone Involved 💔😭@emmerdale”

Hayley added: “#dementia is something very close to my heart, and im immensely proud of how well this has been done, its helping so many people! #emmerdale” and Jess agreed: “This is so beautiful. Every second is heart-warmingly tragic 😢 #emmerdale #ByeAshley”