Emergency Evacuation At London’s Euston Station – Commuters Flee In Panic

Passengers fled from Euston station after an e-cigarette “explosion” led to a security scare. British Transport Police said they evacuated the station following reports that smoke was seen coming from a bag.

A statement from BTP said: “We are investigating but there appears to have been a small contained explosion which is believed to have been caused by an e-cigarette which was in a bag at the station. No one is believed to have been injured.”

BTP said it was evacuating the station to allow officers and dogs to search the area and make sure it was safe. Numerous police vehicles rushed to the area as people quickly left the concourse, some abandoning bags. Many people in the station at the time reported “panic” as people feared the threat of another terror atrocity in a city that has suffered attacks on Westminster Bridge and Borough Market in the last few months.

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