Fans been left confused after Sonia Jackson showed a baby bump on EastEnders.1tummyMany took to Twitter to ask if the character was pregnant – when in fact Natalie Cassidy, who plays her, is expecting in real life. On last night’s episode, Nat’s growing tummy was on clear view and fans instantly tweeted their confusion… and amusement.

The 33-year-old revealed she was pregnant back in February and it seems her ever increasing bump is becoming hard for the soap to hide. After scenes last night, which clearly showed her bump, fans took to Twitter, with one saying: “Is Sonia pregnant?”

@Bettys_Briefs tweeted: “Could Sonia be shoved any further in that corner? We know she’s pregnant #EastEnders” while another tweeted: “OK, so EastEnders are just going to ignore the fact that Sonia’s preggers and pretend she isn’t?!”

The TV star is having her second child with fiancé Marc Humphreys, after two years of dating. Nat’s also got a daughter, Eliza, five, with ex Adam Cottrell.