EastEnders Star Set For Shock Return – And Fans ARE NOT Happy

Bobby Beale is set to make a shock return to EastEnders a year after cutting contact with his parents. The child killer is currently serving a prison sentence for murdering his sister Lucy by clobbering her over the head with a music box. The death sparked a major whodunit storyline, with Max Branning falsely serving time for the murder before the truth finally came to light that it was Bobby.

The devil child also attacked step-mum Jane, leaving her in a wheelchair, and after receiving his sentences for both crimes, Bobby cut contact with her and dad Ian last year, but in an upcoming episode, Bobby issues the couple with another huge shock when he adds them to his call list for the first time in 12 months.

What will Bobby have to say? And could it pave the way for a full return to Albert Square? The timing isn’t exactly great for the Beales, as Ian discovers eldest child Steven has a ‘brain tumour’. While viewers know Steven is lying, a devastated Ian tells Jane he can’t lose another child after the death of Lucy. ¬†Fans are already worried that the Beales have had more than their fair share of troubles.

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