1kyleKyle Slater’s EastEnders exit storyline has been revealed and it looks like Stacey won’t let him leave without a fight, according to the latest pictures from Walford. Earlier in the year, the BBC One soap confirmed Riley Carter Millington was the latest actor set to wave goodbye to Walford, adding his name to the long list of departures.

Now – following the exits of Claudette Hubbard, Buster Briggs, Les & Pam Coker and Paul Coker, not to mention this week’s farewell to Masood Ahmed, a little more about Kyle’s big final storyline has been revealed.

Next week, the chef will receive a job offer that will upset sister Stacey Fowler, as it’s not in Walford. The Slater family were recently rocked with the shock departure of Belinda and with money tight this could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. When Kyle finally decides to tell Stacey, he soon tells her that he’s turning it down so that he can stick around and help with the kids and the rent.

But when things have him thinking he might be missing out – with even boss Ian saying it’s a good opportunity – he’ll remain seriously torn. With Martin giving him advice to take the job, it seems he may have a long anxious wait to get Stacey’s blessing.