Tina Carter faces a difficult day in EastEnders as she is forced to say goodbye to her beloved mum Sylvie – but she has fresh heartbreak in store when there is a disappointing turnout for the funeral.

Tina recently lost her mum in a tragic accident in the Vic and, since then, she has been trying to hold everything together despite being affected by the grief of losing her mother without warning. As the funeral dawns, Tina worries over arrangements while Shirley remains adamant that she won’t be in attendance.

As the emotional day arrives, Tina arrives with the family and is gutted to see that only Sonia Fowler has turned up. Despite this crushing disappointment, she braves through the ceremony and stands up to do a eulogy, but she struggles to get through it. Will Tina be able to start healing over her tragic loss now that she feels she has given Sylvie the send off she deserves?