EASTENDERS: Producers Changed Identity of Lucy Beale’s Murderer

In a move that will keep viewers guessing, the head honcho of EastEnders has revealed that producers changed the identity of Lucy Beale’s murderer.

Lucy Beale was killed off in April

Lucy Beale was killed off in April

In a dramatic episode broadcast in April, Lucy Beal was the victim of a brutal murder and the identity of her killer has been kept a closely-guarded secret.

Boss Dominic Treadwell-Collins was originally planning to lay the crime at the feet of another Walford resident; however, as the storyline was fleshed out, the production team decided that their original choice “didn’t fit” the storyline.

Dominic said: “When we first talked about the story, there was one killer, but before we even put pen to paper, something didn’t fit right about that person. It was clever and it was fine, but it didn’t come from the heart.

Who killed Lucy Beale?  Or do we already know?

Who killed Lucy Beale? Or do we already know?

“So myself, Sharon Batten (the series producer) Alex Lamb (story producer) and Manpreet Dosanjh (script producer) locked ourselves away in a hotel room and we came up with an alternative. It’s emotionally right, true and very exciting. From that moment, it’s been locked in and we would not cheat the audience by changing it now.”

The big reveal will not hit our screens until February, but speculation is set to intensify after Christmas. Dominic said: “On New Year’s Day, the list of suspects will become much, much smaller.” Currently, most viewers’ suspicions seem be divided between Max Branning (Jake Wood) and Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) as the most likely killer.

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