EastEnders Fans Reeling As Familiar Face Returns From The DEAD

EastEnders fans were stunned tonight when Charlie Cotton returned from the dead to get his son. Jack Branning has recently been seen struggling to cope as a single father after the death of Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell.

Things escalated when he lost his tragic wife’s son in the Minute Mart and desperately searched the Square for young Matthew. When all hope seemed lost, he got a call from brother Max telling him to “calm down” and come round to Dot’s house. The door opened and Jack’s relief turned to confusion as Charlie appeared holding his son. Jack looked shocked, while Charlie said: “I think we need to have a chat about my son, don’t you?”

EastEnders viewers took to Twitter in amazement that Charlie was back in Walford. One viewer said: “Charlie rising from the dead and that? Thought Ronnie killed him.” Another added: “What’s going on omg it’s Charlie cotton and he’s got Matthew” A third said: “Bah gawd, Charlie’s alive! Only seems like yesterday he was ‘killed off’ by Ronnie. How the roles have reversed..”

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