She may have only had a couple of speaking lines during her time in EastEnders, but Tracey the barmaid is an integral part of the Queen Vic. Whether she’s pulling pints or cleaning the lavs, she’s been a permanent and popular fixture in Walford for the past 30 years. Punters and viewers alike love her.

Businesswoman Fi Nightingale has only been on the Square five minutes, but she quickly instructed Shirley she needed to get rid of staff members to save money. Woody was worried his neck was on the line so he gave Tracey her marching orders and packed her off with her last pay packet. Mortified Sharon and Shirley could only stare at the ground as shell-shocked Tracey mumbled: “But I love this job.”

The quiet barmaid has been like a part of the furniture at the Vic since the soap began back in 1985 and angry fans vented on Twitter. TV pundit Andy Gibson tweeted: “Sack Tracey? SACK TRACEY?! Tracey IS The Queen Victoria Public House. You CAN’T sack Tracey. #EastEnders” and Lizzie agreed: “Livid how they have fired Tracey #eastenders”