EastEnders viewers were left stunned after a devastating incident saw The Queen Vic roof collapse on the Carter family’s dog Lady Di. Lady Di moved to Walford with Mick, Linda and the Carters back in 2013. But tonight’s episode left fans fearing she was dead after the leaking roof at the pub gave way, with it hinted she was underneath.

The chaos happened as Shirley Carter made her big return to the soap after her time away in prison. Shirley was released for the funeral of her mother Sylvie Carter, who passed away last month. While viewers did not see the dog in shot, Shirley’s face looked pretty horrified by what was lying under the rubble. Taking to Twitter, viewers feared the pooch had been killed off in unexpected scenes.

One said: “I swear they just killed Lady Di off from EastEnders.” Another wrote: “Lady Di!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.” A third tweeted: “Of all the characters to kill off (Michelle, Madison, Alexandra, Keegan), I can’t believe they chose the Dog.” Meanwhile, another viewer said: “I’d be devastated if you’ve killed Lady Di off that dog is ace!” One traumatised fan admitted: “Just needed to cuddle my dog! Poor #LadyDi.”