EastEnders Announce BRAND-NEW Family To Join Albert Square This Summer – With A Mysterious Secret

The BBC has announced that a brand new family will be joining EastEnders this summer. Headed up by single mum Karen, played by Lorraine Stanley, the five Taylors are set to shake things up in Albert Square.

The clan consists of Karen’s children Keanu, played by Benidorm’s Danny Walters, Bernadette, played by Clair Norris and younger brothers Riley and Chatham who are portrayed by real-life siblings Alfie and Tom Jacobs. As well as pets Bronson the dog and Rooney the bearded dragon, the family are bringing a dark secret to Walford which promises to provoke plenty of drama.

Sean O’Conner, EastEnders’ executive producer teased an “explosive” summer, describing the family as “noisy, brash and not to be messed with”. “I’m hugely excited at the arrival of Karen and her family in Albert Square. They’re noisy, brash and not to be messed with. Karen is a twenty-a-day lioness, bringing up her kids with no support, no money and a very loud mouth”, he said of the newcomers.

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