East 17 Star Caught Up In Airport Terror As Armed Police Pounce On Knifeman

The terrifying moment a man brandished a 10-inch hunting knife in the middle of a busy German airport was witnessed by East 17 singer Terry Coldwell. Terry, 43, saw the 27-year-old man holding the blade and shouting aggressively in the departure hall at Dusseldorf Airport.

The suspect was quickly cornered by 10 armed police officers around 9.15am today. They eventually convinced him to put down the weapon and arrested him. Terry, from east London, said: “We could see something was happening because a few police officers were crowding around this man.” He added: “He was shouting, I’m not sure what he was saying because it was in a different language, but he sounded angry.

“The police were trying to calm him down and gesturing for him to put the knife on the floor. Eventually he did. It was like he thought ‘this isn’t worth it’ and changed his mind. They quickly pounced on him and arrested him. It was terrifying. With all the recent terrorist attacks, we couldn’t help but think the worst.”

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