Drunk Mum With Tot In Pushchair Could “Barely Walk”

A drunken mother who was staggering along and swigging from a vodka bottle while attempting to push her two year-old son in his buggy was so incapacitated that a member of the public contacted the police.

Kirsopp admitted she was an alcoholic to the police

Kirsopp admitted she was an alcoholic to the police

38 year-old Emma Kirsopp admitted being drunk while in charge of a child; despite the fact that it was her second time in a year, she was spared prison at South Tyneside Magistrates Court and handed a 12-month community order.

The Magistrates Court heard that alcoholic Emma needed to pay some household bills, but was unable to do so because her partner had taken away her bank cards to prevent her from drinking. Ms Kirsopp was on her way into town to withdraw the cash from the bank, when she met a friend who gave her some cash; Ms Kirsopp promptly spent the money on vodka which she then drank on the street.

Lee Poppett, prosecuting, said: “At shortly before noon, police received reports of concern for a baby being pushed in a push chair by a lady struggling to walk, who appeared intoxicated. When police arrived, they found Kirsopp in the street with her two-year-old son in a buggy.

“She was barely able to stand. She could hardly talk or walk. She was crying and said to police she was an alcoholic. The child was taken into police protection and she was arrested. It’s fair to say she gave a full account in interview. She was emotional in interview and was full of remorse.”

Emma Kirsopp still has care of her child. The Chairman of the Bench at the Magistrates’ Court, Yvonne Cracknell, told her: “This is your final chance; take it with both hands.”

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