Almost one hundred drivers have been caught using their phone at the wheel in week-long crackdown across Dorset. Officers issued ninety-two fixed penalty notices during the campaign which ran from Wednesday 1st to Tuesday 7th March, with offenders being handed six penalty points and a £200 fine.

From 1st March 2017, the government double the penalties for the offence from three penalty points – to six – and from a £100 to a £200 fine. In addition, drivers are no longer eligible for a driver awareness course and have to either accept the penalty or take their case to court. New drivers now have to retake their test if caught within two years of getting their licence.

Sergeant Joe Pardey of the Dorset Police Traffic Unit said: “We began the campaign week with a targeted operation involving a team of 12 traffic officers who caught 42 drivers in just six hours. This enforcement involved the use of both marked and unmarked vehicles, and spotters in plain clothes a distance away from our check point. As a result of using their phone at the wheel, several drivers will now be losing their licence and a few people will even lose their jobs.”