Driver With Six Months Left To Live Jailed For Four Months

A motorist who has been given only six months left to live has been jailed for four months.

Davidson admitted driving while disqualified and without insurance

Davidson admitted driving while disqualified and without insurance

Robert Davidson suffers from a dangerous heart condition and has been given the dire prognosis that he only has six months to live. However, after being convicted of driving while disqualified for the eighth time, he has now been jailed for four months, a sentence that will possibly see him released only to die two months later.

Police in Selkirk received a tip-off that Davidson was still behind the wheel despite his driving ban and not having any insurance. He was arrested in Douglas Place, Selkirk with a both a rear and front passenger in his car.

Appearing before Sheriff Kevin Drummond at Jedburgh Sheriff Court, Davidson admitted driving while disqualified and without insurance. Graham Frazer, for the prosecution, pointed out that it was Davidson’s eighth such conviction.

Rory Bannerman, defending, offered evidence that Davidson had suffered a heart attack after his last conviction, had been driving a short distance in a friend’s car and only had months to live; Mr Bannerman asked the court to consider an alternative to custody. However, Sherriff Drummond ruled that Davidson had “no consideration for issues of public safety,” adding that “You have been in prison on a significant number of occasions for the selfsame offence – and as recent as April this year. You have no regard for court orders in relation to your driving. Your health matters can be dealt with in the prison system.” Davidson was also banned from driving for another four years.

Davidson constantly coughed throughout proceedings and his partner left the court weeping after the sentence was declared.

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