Dramatic Moment Man “Attempting To Abduct Two Little Girls” Pinned Down By Police

A man suspected of trying to abduct two little girls was pinned to the ground by police after a worried passerby intervened. Officers swooped after a member of the public spotted him walking with two girls near Hallglen Park, in Falkirk, Scotland.

The children were playing in a park when a 50-year-old man is said to have approached them on his bike and asked them to help him look for his jacket in nearby woods. A neighbour grew suspicious and raised the alarm with police. It is understood the neighbour and his son held the man until police arrived. Police confirmed a man had been detained.Later, the mother of one of the girls posted on Facebook: “This absolute beastie scum tried to get my daughter and her friend to go into the woods with him in broad daylight. They were playing at the park when he’s approached them on his bike asking if they would help him find his jacket. He’s given the name John Crawford to police.”

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