Dozens Of Firemen Battle Raging Fire At Recycling Centre

A raging blaze has broken out at a recycling centre – with dozens of firemen called to battle the inferno. The fire broke out at the SKM Recycling Centre in the north of the Australian city of Melbourne.

A large pile of rubbish is burning out of control at centre with smoke visible from the city centre. Metropolitan Fire Brigade Commander Ken Brown said authorities were monitoring toxic smoke billowing across the city to assess the impact. “We’re surrounding this fire and trying to contain it,” he said, calling it a “decent fire fight” involving more than 140 firefighters.

Callers to a local radio station have reported ash falling in the city centre and one man in the area said he had a dry throat from all the chemicals in the air. Residents in nearby areas are being told to take shelter indoors immediately and close all doors, windows and vents.

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