A British Airways flight was forced to make an emergency landing after its landing gear failed – SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO.

More than 300 passengers were on-board the BA flight from Heathrow to Chicago O’Hare when the landing gear on both wings failed mid-air after the lever to deploy the gear got stuck in the “up position”. Passengers were told “not to rock the plane” and leave “very slowly” for fear of it TOPPLING OVER.

An Air Accidents Investigation report, released today, said the terrifying incident was due to a mechanical error after the plane’s latest service. It reads: “Passengers reported the crew advised they were returning to London due to a technical problem.

“About 20 minutes prior to landing the crew announced that the landing gear did not fully extend with only three of five sets of gear having lowered. After the aircraft was towed to the apron, passengers were told to disembark very slowly….otherwise the aircraft would tip over and settle on its tail.”

On approaching the London airport the pilots reported an unsafe gear indication for both main gear and only the nose and body wheels descended. The plane circled to dump fuel before landing on only the nose and body wheels 20 minutes later – but was forced to travel the whole length of the runway when it landed because braking power was halved. The emergency happened on January 30 2016 but details of the terrifying ordeal were released today.